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EGP Pouch story

EGP is a nicotine pouches brand company specializing in producing & researching white pouches located in Shenzhen China. We are a professional manufacturer dealing with smoke-free and tobacco-free nicotine pouches.EGP is one of the few pharmaceutical companies that is legally permitted to produce synthetic nicotine in China. we are committed to continuing the improvement of the nicotine pouch category with innovations and product formulations that satisfy our consumer's needs.


EGP Team

EGP team consists of talented technicians, an R&D team containing senior engineers, and nicotine experts. EGP has strict controls over its raw materials. Each ingredient must undergo self-inspection, customs testing, and third-party testing. The main focus is on better-tasting and purer nicotine. We also create a wide range of flavors to provide our customers with a more popular taste.


EGP Mission

EGP’s mission is to create a smoke-free, tobacco-free world. We expect to deliver satisfying alternative tobacco products for our adult nicotine customers. Provided healthier lifestyle for smokers. We pride ourselves on customer service, premium products, and competitive prices.


Choose EGP

An innovator and rising star in the nicotine pouch industry. Combining leading technological designs with high-quality standards, EGP is creating more and more popular flavors. EGP insists on premium quality and after-sales service. In addition, EGP pays attention to industry regulations in various countries. We are strict in all aspects of product raw materials, production processes, and packaging design to ensure that our nicotine pouch meets local standards.

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