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How did capsule nicotine pouches come out?

The creation of capsule nicotine pouches was truly revolutionary, surpassing the popularity of traditional pop beads cigarettes. With EGP's innovative approach to nicotine pouches with capsules, it's time to leave the past behind.

EGP nicotine pouches with capsule drew inspiration from Marlboro's bursts, which were popular for a while. However, with increasing awareness of health protection, tar-free e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches have gained a larger market share. Among them, nicotine pouches are known for their convenience, absence of tobacco oil, and easy availability. Nicotine pouches that offer multiple advantages in one product have become highly popular.

With a keen eye and a sharp mind, EGP recognized the potential of nicotine pouches with capsules. The result is a nicotine pouches with flavor capsule that combines the appealing flavors of capsules with the benefits of nicotine pouches.

What do nicotine pouches with capsule?

In the literal sense, a nicotine pouch with capsule is a combination of a nicotine pouch and a delicious capsule. Nicotine pouches contain white powder, while capsules are transparent and flavorful. The capsules are contained within the nicotine pouches, and the nicotine pouches with capsules are pouches filled with white powder and colored capsules.

From a product perspective, nicotine pouches with capsules are an innovative product that combines two flavors in one. One flavor comes from the nicotine pouch, while the other is released from the flavor capsule. The nicotine pouches with flavor capsules will excite your taste buds like never before, providing you with a unique experience that you won't get from regular nicotine pouches.

How many nicotine pouches with capsule in a box?

Instead of regular nicotine pouches box, which contain 20 nicotine pouches, a pack of capsule nicotine pouch contains only 15 nicotine pouches with capsule. That's because adding capsules to the nicotine pouches causes the area of each nicotine pouch to increase, but our boxes don't change in size. If you put 20 nicotine pouches in each box, it will be too crowded, and the capsule may squeeze against each other and burst.