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How Do Egp Nicotine Pouch Stay Fresh?

When you buy any nicotine product, you want to make sure it is as fresh as possible. Lack of freshness can lead to ineffective and poor tasting nicotine pouches. To ensure you get the highest quality experience, you should know some key facts about how to keep your nicotine pouch fresh.

How can I make EGP nicotine bags fresh?

Generally, EGP nicotine pouches degrade two years after their date of manufacture. Therefore, Although nicotine pouches do not degrade until two years after the date of manufacture, the product may degrade earlier if not stored properly after opening. We need to kept in conditions that ensure its freshness when opened.

What makes nicotine pouches flavours lose their freshness?

There are several factors that cause nicotine pouches to lose their freshness.

The first, and the one we mentioned above, is time. If a nicotine pouch has been in production for more than two years, it is no longer at its optimum level of freshness.

The second factor is climate. Heat can reduce the potency and effectiveness in nicotine pouches. In addition, heat can cause the flavour to diminish and even change over time. Placing the pouch in an area with large temperature fluctuations may also affect the quality of the nicotine pouch.

Finally, not closing your nicotine sachets correctly can cause them to lose their freshness. We do not recommend storing your sachets in any other container as nicotine sachet tins are specifically designed to maintain their fresh taste and experience.

How do you keep your EGP nicotine pouch fresh?

1.Check the date of manufacture on the jar to see if your nicotine sachet is two years past its date.

2.Keep in a cool, climate-controlled environment, especially once opened.

3.Keep the lid closed and separate the used nicotine sachets from the fresh ones.

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