EGP Nicotine Pouch Factory

EGP Nicotine Pouch Factory

EGP nicotine pouch is a tobacco-free nicotine product that can be absorbed through the oral mucosa to achieve smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapy. The production of EGP nicotine pouches requires a factory to be operated. Let's take a closer look at the EGP nicotine pouch factory.

When was the EGP nicotine pouch factory established?

EGP team consists of talented technicians, R&D team contains senior engineers and nicotine experts. Keeping up with the times and constantly developing new products at the forefront of the market, Improve the competitiveness and advantages of our nicotine pouch. The founder of EGP has been developing synthetic nicotine technology since 2015 and has established his own R&D team for eight years. 

Where is the EGP Nicotine Pouch factory located?

The EGP nicotine pouch factory is located in a modern industrial park in Shenzhen China and has a spacious production workshop with advanced equipment. The factory follows strict quality control procedures to ensure that all products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. 

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