About EGP


Founded in 2022, Shenzhen EGP Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer dealing with smokeless and tobaccoless nicotine pouches.

EGP’s mission is to create a smoke free, tobacco free and nonsmokers friendly world. Our team consists of talented technicians, R&D team containing senior engineers and nicotine experts, an experienced marketing team and a service team. With our products crafted from state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing sites, we pride ourselves on customer service, premium products and competitive prices. EGP offers timely delivery and unparalleled after-sales service experience.




EGPis white nicotine pouches, and it generatesa full-strength nicotine experienceanywhere and anytimethat’s 100% tobacco-free.We expect to deliver a discreet and satisfying alternative to cigarettes and other tobacco products for our adult nicotine customers, moments of recreation and offer a sense of freedom from the daily chaos.




EGP is clean, discreet and convenient to use. Just pop the small and thin pouch under your lip and you’ll have a steady delivery of nicotine within a few minutes. Use it at work, on long journeys or at home or wherever you want and on your own terms.