Swedish Billionaire Invests in Snus Brand

Swedish billionaire Erik Selin has made several investments in companies involved in the snus industry. He is the largest shareholder in Swedish Match and also owns a majority stake in Haypp Group, the leading e-trader of snus and modern oral nicotine pouches in Europe. Haypp was founded by Bengt Wiberg, a former smoker and snus smoker.

Erik Selin invests in a Swedish snus company 

Erik Selin is investing millions of kronor in a Swedish snus company called Sting Free AB. The company has patented a portion-sized device that is free of strings. It is expected to launch the snus in 2022.

Erik Selin, a Swedish billionaire, is the second-largest shareholder in Sting Free AB. The company produces improved snus, with an integrated protective shield for the gums. This shield eliminates the sting and burning sensation that accompanies snus.

Swedish Match

The Swedish Match AB tobacco company has come under scrutiny over the last few weeks as a potential takeover target. Philip Morris, which owns a hefty $16 billion in shares, is trying to make a bid. However, a Chicago hedge fund called Framtiden Partnerships is pushing back against the deal. The company, which owns about 1% of Swedish Match, has written a white paper opposing the takeover.

In the past few years, Swedish Match has been expanding its global footprint through acquisitions and partnerships. It has a majority stake in the only matchmaker in Bulgaria, and a joint venture with a Turkish tobacco company to market Swedish snus products in the region. This is a big deal because the tax on cigarettes in Turkey has increased 63 percent, resulting in a massive black market in the country. Also, the company has gained a foothold in the Australian continent, with the acquisition of the Alexander Group, Australia's leading cigar distributor. This acquisition has allowed Swedish Match to launch its premium cigars in Australia.

 Snus Brand -ZYN

Swedish Match is best known for its smoke-free tobacco and nicotine products, including snus and ZYN. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company reported higher sales and profits in the United States and Scandinavia, though ZYN lost market share compared to the previous year. In the coming year, Swedish Match plans to increase its investments, focusing on the growing market for nicotine pouches. Its biggest markets are Scandinavia and the U.S.

The company's founder, Bengt Wiberg, has a master's degree in economics and is a former CFO of ABV Rock Group. His eldest son Daniel Wiberg, who has a master's degree in mechanical engineering, serves as the company's CEO. Other shareholders include Curt Enzell, inventor of the original snus pouch, and Meg Tiveus, a former board member at Swedish Match.

The Swedish Match Company is the leading maker of snus, a smokeless tobacco product. It is popular in Sweden, and much of Europe, but is banned elsewhere. Along with snus, Swedish Match also makes nicotine pouches. As smoking is becoming more dangerous to health, the tobacco industry has turned to less harmful alternatives. While snus is still not a viable alternative to cigarettes, it has sparked interest among tobacco companies and investors.

HBK's leadership team is made up of seasoned professionals from diverse disciplines. They share a commitment to integrity, excellence, and teamwork.

Davidson Kempner Capital Management's  interest in snus

Davidson Kempner Capital Management is a global investment management firm with 39 years of experience. It uses a multi-strategy approach and focuses on fundamental investing. Its 450 employees work across six global offices. The firm is headquartered in London and has $38 billion under management.

TTC has developed interests in heated tobacco products, snus, and nicotine pouches. The company calls these next-generation products. The Swedish-style snus brand is one of its investments. Although it is not a cigarette brand, it has become a popular alternative product. Its 'harm reduction' strategy has also made it attractive to investors.

House of Smoke invested in Snus brand Faro

A Swedish billionaire has invested in the Snus brand Faro by House of smoke and plans to expand it in the U.S. The deal comes at a time when tobacco companies are scrambling to develop new markets. The billionaire owns a stake in PMI and a small stake in Swedish Match. Both companies make snus and other tobacco products that do not contain tobacco leaves. Euromonitor International reports that the global snus market is increasing steadily.

Erik Selin has already invested in several snus brands, including the Haypp Group, the largest e-trader in Europe. His recent move into snus is part of an effort to diversify his business outside of combustible tobacco.

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