Electronic Cigarette Manufacturing Licenses

BYD Electronics is a Chinese company that has been rumored to be preparing to enter the e-cigarette market. The company is famous for producing batteries and cars and has recently gained a new license to manufacture vaping devices. This announcement caused shares of BYD to jump 12.5 percent on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Zinwi  Bio-Tech -Electronic Cigarette Manufacturing Licenses

To get an e-cigarette manufacturing license, a company needs to meet strict standards and prove its manufacturing and financial suitability. Thankfully, Zinwi Bio-Tech was able to submit its application quickly, meet all the requirements, and pass all screening procedures. This made it one of the first companies in the country to get an electronic cigarette manufacturing license.

In China, e-cigarette production is regulated by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration or STMA. A company must have an STMA manufacturing license before it can incorporate vapor hardware or manufacture e-liquids. The license application process is highly competitive, and the company must demonstrate its manufacturing and financial fitness before it can receive it.

Zinwi Bio-Tech has established an R&D institute and is focusing on advancing atomization expertise. They have also applied for over 200 patents. Their team of professional taste chemists has developed tens of thousands of e-liquid products and is constantly pushing the technical boundaries in the industry.

Boge Electronics -Electronic Cigarette Manufacturing Licenses

SMOORE is the world's largest vape manufacturer and has announced that it has obtained three electronic cigarette manufacturing licenses. In addition, the company's subsidiary has finished the construction of automatic production lines and filed patent applications for electronic atomization products. It is now working to integrate its capabilities and adhere to the policies regarding electronic cigarettes. The company is confident that the licenses it has received will allow it to launch production by current laws and regulations.

In China, the Management Rules for Electronic Cigarettes also cover the manufacture of heat-not-burn products. These products are regulated just like conventional cigarettes and are subject to the same requirements for obtaining a manufacturer's license. In the application form, HNB devices are listed in their product category. In addition to product type, an e-cigarette manufacturer must describe the environment around its factory, including its scale and infrastructure.

BYD Electronics-Electronic Cigarette Manufacturing Licenses

BYD Electronics has gained 3 electronic cigarette production licenses. The company claims that the license is a recognition of its standardized operation and comprehensive technical strength. It also says that it is an important step in the development of electronic cigarettes. The company is committed to reducing health risks and providing quality products. In addition, it follows laws and regulations in all aspects of its production.

BYD Electronics began preparing for the E-cigarette industry in 2018. The company conducted several studies and tests to develop new products. In 2020, it filed a patent application for a new technology called BEEM CORE. Then in 2021, the company launched its BEEM CORE brand logo. The logo is a representation of a new ceramic atomizing technology.

In addition, the company obtained a tobacco production enterprise license from the Chinese State Tobacco Monopoly Administration. In addition, it has completed patent applications for electronic atomization products and automatic production lines. It is also working to integrate its technologies and adhere to government policies regarding electronic cigarette manufacturing.

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