Best Nicotine Pouch Brands 2022

Best Nicotine Pouch Brands 2022

It has been an eventful year for the nicotine pouch industry, nicotine pouches are rapidly gaining popularity as they are supposed to be a much less harmful alternative to smoking. Nicotine pouches have become illegal in the Netherlands and the US market is fast catching up with this rapidly expanding market. In Europe, up-and-coming producers like Empire of Snus and EGP nicotine pouch are producing new flavors in large quantities like there is no tomorrow. However, that doesn't mean that all these brands are worth your precious time!

 This is the list of brands that we think deserve a place on our Top 9 Best Brands of 2022 list. We look at the flavors and strengths available, the brands, and the ecological choices that brands may or may not make. And of course, there's quality. We don't get free samples from manufacturers, nor do we pay for our inclusion of certain brands in this article. That is why you will not see many of the latest brands that we call fashion brands in this list. These tend to disappear after a few years, unlike some others that have been around for generations.

 1. ZYN

Designed and developed by Swedish Match, ZYN is one of the longest-lasting product lines in the industry. They originated in Scandinavia, but have since moved to the USA as they are the biggest player in the market today. What makes them worthy of our list? They offer a wide range of different flavors, sizes, and strengths. They often release limited editions for the flavor chasers' collection. For these reasons, we believe ZYN belongs in the weekly rotation of every quality-seeking user. Be sure to give it a try.

Choosing a favorite from the vast ZYN product line is not easy. But if it had to be, it would be a tie between ZYN Ginger Blood Orange and ZYN Lemon Sprite. The Ginger Blood Orange has just the right amount of spice and sweetness. On the other hand, the Lemon Sprite is sweet and juicy. An ideal summer pouch.

 2. ON!

 On! the weirdo on our list. We've always had a soft spot for On! Because they approach the market from a different angle. They don't offer a huge variety of exotic flavors or incredible advantages. In contrast to cereals, they offer dry, mini-sized portions in cute but practical square containers. If you choose On! you are choosing mature, well-crafted flavors that will last a long time and favor authenticity over sweetness. Discreetly, these portions are so small that they are completely invisible to unsuspecting onlookers. a major plus is for people who wish to enjoy nicotine casually at work, in meetings, or on any other occasion.

If we had to choose one, we like On! coffee the most. It's not as sweet as the competitor's coffee flavors but tastes like roasted coffee beans. A very mature and tasty pouch.

3. EGP Nicotine Pouch

EGP is one of the few pharmaceutical companies that is legally permitted to produce synthetic nicotine in China. They are committed to continuing the improvement of the nicotine pouch category with innovations and product formulations that satisfy our consumer's needs.

They have a wet and dry process, up to forty flavors, regular pouch strength of 3-22mg/pouch, and new pouch strength of up to 120mg/g allowed. EGP is the manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of nicotine pouches in China in terms of flavor and strength. The most popular flavors are in the mint range, such as cool mint, wintergreen, spearmint, freeze, vanilla, spicy mint, chloro mint, fresh mint, etc.EGP nicotine pouch


 Old faithful users like LYFT cannot be ignored. With a huge variety of flavors, strengths, and bag sizes, they are one of the biggest players in the sector. By the way: LYFT changed its name to VELO this year, so don't be surprised if you get a can with a different print in the mail.

LYFT>VELO is a brand that will appeal to most users. From classic flavors such as mint or licorice to the floral Tokyo Zing or the fruity Caribbean Spirit. there is a flavor for every tray. So you can be sure that you will find your favorite while buying a tried and tested quality brand from a well-known manufacturer.

LYFT>VELO has many interesting flavors. If we had to choose one, we would go for Tokyo Zing. the ginger, lemon, and floral undertones make it a flavor worthy of God.

 5. Empire of Snuff (EOS)

 EOS is a new nicotine pouch brand from Switzerland. They offer the highest standards from the ingredients to the packaging. The pouches come in premium metal tins, which are very different from the round plastic tins used by other manufacturers. Better for the environment. They offer refill pouches, so you only need 1 can! The pouches themselves are flavored with real organic natural fruit spices. No synthetic flavors.

One of the biggest advantages of EOS is the revolutionary formula that releases nicotine in 5 different stages. Every snus user knows that nicotine pouches lose their strength much faster than original tobacco snus and EOS have managed to extend the life of their pouches to 2 hours. They are the only brand in the industry to do this.

EOS pouch strengths are considered ideal for beginners and intermediate users.


The Danish "other snus company" brings us LOOP, which has been around for many years and is very popular in Sweden and Finland. They offer nicotine pouches that are equally strong in flavor.

LOOP aspires to contribute to sustainable development with its eco-friendly Plantcan. Their tin is produced from 100% plant-based plastic. Another reason why they made our top 10.

Flavor-wise LOOP knows its score. You can expect blends like Havana Mint or Jalapeño Lime, which showcase their flavors by highlighting the main clues with spice. Each LOOP flavor is well thought out and unique.

Each user in their range has a nicotine strength. The main focus is on intermediate users, but be warned; these bags are sturdy!

Our favorite LOOP flavor is LOOP Jalapeno Lime. all their spicy flavors are great, but this one is right up our street. The spicy pepper doesn't overwhelm everything but provides a constant little airy warmth under your lips. Meanwhile, the lime provides the perfect balance with its refreshing tartness. A divine flavor indeed.


The Danish "snus department" brings us ACE Super white, which offers a range of rich and unique flavors with one idea in mind: they listen to what consumers want and introduce new flavors accordingly. With ACE, you can expect the highest standards. The brand is built on 4 generations of expertise in oral cigarette production, so expect a quality brand with tried and tested methods.

If we look at the environmental aspect, ACE makes its tins from recycled plastic. Their pouch paper is made from locally sourced pine trees.

Our favorite ACE bag is the ACE Eucalyptus bag. It's powerful but not overly so. The rich mint and cool menthol mixed with the smooth herbal eucalyptus is a delight. It is simply the best herbal pouch we have ever tried.

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